Leider ist es patreon was ich sehr schade finde. Ich finde diesen Patch sehr interresant. Wenn jeamand eine alternative hat gerne her damit. Um PAtreon nicht zu untersützen habe ich den Link entfernt, wer dennoch sich dafür interssiert der kann danach suchen.

FIFA 22 National Teams Patch - Start working to Final Version - 1.0.0

Hello, in the last few days I started working hard to prepare mods for version 1.0.0. There is a lot of work, mainly on players, their personalization of skills, position, assignment to teams, free agents. I will try to inform you about the progress at least every 2-3 days, but as of today I cannot say how much time I need to release the final version or some final beta version. You have to be patient. Greetings.
Here is a list of new nationalteams that will be 99% added in the final version:
UEFA - Europe:
Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Luxembourg, Belarus, Kosovo, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Malta, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Andorra, San Marino, Gibraltar
CAF - Africa:
Burkina Faso, South Africa, Congo Democratic Republic, Cape Verde Islands, Guinea, Uganda, Benin , Gabon, Zambia, Congo, Madagascar, Kenya, Mauretania, Guinea-Bissau
AFC - Asia:
Uzbekistan, Syria, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Jordan, Oman, India, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Bahrain, Palestine, Thailland, Korea DPR, Tajikistan
CONCACAF - North and Central America:
Honduras, El Salvador
Total Numbers of National Teams in 1.0.0 version [final]:
UEFA - 55 [+30 added]
CAF - 24 [+24 added]
AFC - 24 [+21 added]
CONCACAF - 8 [+5 added]
CONMEBOL - 10 [+8 added]
TOTAL NUMBER: 121 National Teams in Game !

If time permits after 1.0.0 release, there is a chance to add at least 6-10 new teams